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LCD Diagnostic Card for Laptop and Desktop

Model :
LCD Diagnostic Card for Laptop and Desktop
  • Intelligent analysis of the code corresponding to the cause of the malfunction, and gives diagnostic program!
  • It can display the halting execution automatic with a couple of times.
  • This card is easy to use for end users and it works with high stability. It is your ideal and useful tool for notebook repairing partner.
  • It can diagnosis signal which show the problem of CPU, Memory, display card and so on.
  • This is used to display the Error-code and RST/CLK signals.
  • The Display portion is composed with two 7-segment LEDs. The two "Dots" of the LEDs are used to indicate the notebook "RST" and "CLK" status. The left side "Dot" is for "RST", and the right side "Dot" is for "CLK". When the notebook is in "Reset" status, the left side Dot" will be lighted. When the notebook has a correct CLK output, the right side "Dot" will be lighted. The two buttons, which are used to change BIOS type and up-down to look back at previous debug code information.
  • When it is connected with USB power only, it also can be used as an error code description list.
  • Compatible with Phoenix, Award and AMI Bios motherboards which has the PCI bus slot(with mini pci adapter), mini pci, mini pci-e or LPC port.


mini pcie diagnostic card

mini pcie diagnostic card

mini pcie diagnostic card
mini pcie diagnostic card

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