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PCI to 2-Port Serial Card
Model: HX-400
PCI to 4-Port Serial Card
Model: HX-401
PCI to 6-Port Serial Card
Model: HX-402
PCI to 8-Port Serial Card
Model: HX-403
PCI to 1-Port Parallel Card
Model: HX-404
PCI to 2-Port Parallel Card
Model: HX-405
PCI to 2-Port Serial 1-Port Parallel Card
Model: HX-406
PCI to RS485 RS422 Serial Card
Model: HX-415
PCI to 4-Port 1394a FireWire Card
Model: HX-416
PCI to 5-Port USB Card
Model: HX-417
PCI to 3-Port USB 3-Port 1394a Card
Model: HX-418
PCI to 5-Port USB 3-Port 1394a Card
Model: HX-419
PCI to 1394B Firewire Card
Model: HX-421
PCI-X to 1394B Firewire Card
Model: HX-422
PCI to 3-Port SATA 1-Port IDE Card
Model: HX-429
PCI to IDE Card
Model: HX-430
PCI to 2-Port SATA 2-Port eSATA Card
Model: HX-431
PCI to 4-Port SATA Card SIL3114
Model: HX-432
PCI to 4-Port SATA Card SIL3124
Model: HX-433
SIL3124 4-Port SATA II PCI-X 64-Bit Card
Model: HX-434


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